Dalton Tote/Crossbody

516 reviews

Color: Denim


Leon Tote/Shoulder Bag

366 reviews

Color: Buff


Margie Tote/Shoulder Bag

477 reviews

Color: Turquoise


Mar Tote/Shoulder Bag

252 reviews

Color: Tan


Camila Shoulderbag

338 reviews

Color: Cognac


Kiki Shoulderbag

133 reviews

Color: Denim


Gita Crossbody/Shoulder Bag

293 reviews

Color: Oat

On sale

Lizzie Tote/Shoulder Bag

49 reviews

Color: Walnut


Jackson Crossbody Bag

117 reviews

Color: Cognac


Renee Tote/Crossbody

77 reviews

Color: Oxblood


Lezli Tote/Shoulder Bag

429 reviews

Color: Cognac


Paloma Tote/Crossbody

255 reviews

Color: Grass


Ellison Shoulder Bag

22 reviews

Color: Cognac

On sale

Soleil Tote/Shoulder Bag

83 reviews

Color: Black

On sale

Willow Tote/Shoulder Bag

99 reviews

Color: White


Clover Tote/Shoulder Bag

171 reviews

Color: Grey


Bella Tote/Shoulderbag

106 reviews

Color: Denim


Starstruck Tote/Crossbody

35 reviews

Color: Black


Reina Tote/Shoulder Bag

28 reviews

Color: Red


Sigourney Crossbody

17 reviews

Color: Cognac

On sale

Perri Tote/Shoulder Bag

100 reviews

Color: White


Patsy Bucket Bag/Crossbody

6 reviews

Color: Almond


Davis Shoulder Bag

No reviews

Color: Bone


Baez Tote/Shoulder Bag

3 reviews

Color: Bone

Premium Women's Leather Shoulder Bags

Hand-Crafted from Buttery Soft, Full-Grain Leather

Crafted from carefully chosen hides, our women's leather shoulder bags are made from the highest-quality, full-grain leather. It remains unsanded and unbuffed to preserve the so-called "imperfections" of most leathers, though these unique marks are what make each shoulder bag truly one-of-a-kind. The heirloom-quality leather is lightly treated with a special blend of natural dyes for color, and hand-stitched by talented artisans.

Fashion is Function

True fashion is the perfect blend of style and functionality. Our over the shoulder bags are designed with features that cater to your daily needs without ever compromising on style. Every pocket, zipper, and compartment pays homage to the contemporary woman. With so much on your agenda, you deserve a bag that's both organized and efficient. From pockets crafted to secure your essentials to adjustable straps that adapt to your style, every detail is tailored with your day-to-day in mind.

Timeless Charm for the Modern Woman

Whether you're navigating bustling city streets, stepping into a boardroom, or dropping off your little one for a play date, do so with confidence and flair. With dozens of designs that are always chic, trendy, and in style, these leather shoulder bags seamlessly transition from work to play.  

Unparalleled Leather Quality

Built to Last

At the core of every Latico Leathers creation is unparalleled leather quality. Hand-stitched to withstand the daily hustle and the unpredictability of life, our bags transcend mere accessory items. They're trusted companions for life, maturing beautifully alongside you with a patina that’s sure to turn heads. 

Ethically Curated & Masterfully Crafted

We sustainably source each leather hide as a byproduct of the meat & dairy industry, ensuring its fullest use and reducing waste. Once chosen, each shoulder bag is hand-stitched by master artisans in South America & India – we never resort to mass production in China. With close to four decades of expertise in handling heirloom leathers, you can rest assured knowing there’s not a finer leather available.