Archer Wide Leather Embroidered Shoulder Strap

61 reviews

Color: Cognac


Bowie Wide Leather Embroidered Shoulder Strap

47 reviews

Color: Oat

Leather Shoulder Straps

Embrace Versatility

Our leather purse straps strike a blend between fashion & function. Designed to cater to your dynamic lifestyle, these adjustable shoulder straps can extend as long as 50” and be shortened to just 27” to fit your daily needs. And with a 2” wide strap, your valuable belongings will rest on your shoulder with ease, without having to constantly adjust your posture. Each strap can comfortably carry everything you need with confidence.

A Canvas of Creativity

Our embroidered leather shoulder straps are a canvas for expression. Swap it out with the standard Latico strap for a new day-to-day look or replace an older strap that’s run its course. Each strap is hand-stitched by skilled artisans using the same full-grain leather that you’ve come to know & love. And just like the rest of our handbags, the straps are built to withstand & embrace the rigors of daily use, developing a patina as it ages gracefully over the years.  The vibrant, embroidered pattern and rich textures add a fresh, distinctive touch to your handbag, elevating your everyday style with a splash of color and personality.

Sustainable Elegance

Our leather handbag shoulder straps are a testament to Latico’s commitment to sustainability and quality. Sourced from byproducts of the meat and dairy industry, our full-grain leather is not only the highest quality but also minimizes waste. Once sourced, each strap is hand-stitched by talented artisans in South America and India. With nearly 40 years of experience in crafting heirloom-quality leather accessories, our family business is committed to accessories that are as kind to the planet as they are to your style.