Terry Wallet

617 reviews

Color: Camel


Eloise Wallet

534 reviews

Color: Red


Andi Wallet

384 reviews

Color: Grass

Retro Patch

Patch Wallet

37 reviews

Color: Retro Patch


Compact Card Holder/Airpod Case

23 reviews

Color: Black


Sierra Wallet/Wristlet

34 reviews

Color: Olive


Whitney Wallet

190 reviews

Color: Grass

On sale

Salem Wallet

78 reviews

Color: Tan


Talulah Wallet

207 reviews

Color: Cognac


Zella Wallet

189 reviews

Color: Zebra

On sale

Anise Wallet

73 reviews

Color: Tan

Sold out

Cort Wallet

84 reviews

Color: Steel


Smith Wallet

102 reviews

Color: Grey


Skye Wallet

106 reviews

Color: Grey


Amal Wristlet/Clutch

26 reviews

Color: Grass

Woodstock Wallet

Woodstock Wallet

21 reviews

Color: Beige


Gio Wallet

17 reviews

Color: Cream


Tulum Wallet/Wristlet

23 reviews

Color: Spots


Randall Wallet

25 reviews

Color: Citron

On sale

Yves Fanny Pack/Clutch

74 reviews

Color: White


Glory Clutch

24 reviews

Color: Aubergine


89 Degrees Wristlet

19 reviews

Color: White


Edda Wallet/Crossbody

35 reviews

Color: Beige

Choose Your Style

Hand-Crafted Leather Wallets for Women

Discover the artistry behind our Latico women’s leather wallets. Every modern woman deserves a wallet that’s both a functional accessory and extension of her unique style. Our wallets, crafted from the finest full-grain leather, range from classic designs to the latest trends, ensuring there's something tailored for every need.

Perfectly-Sized Clutches

Transition seamlessly from daytime errands to nighttime glamor with our leather clutches. Beyond being mere accessories, they stand. They’re more than mere accessories; they’re a declaration of unmatched elegance & confidence. With more than enough room for your essentials, each clutch is designed to fit your needs. Secure your valuables and look good doing it – that’s the embodiment of Latico Leathers’ clutches. 

Versatile Wristlets

The perfect companion for daytime adventures and evening soirees, our leather wristlets are a must-have accessory. Carry your phone, wallet, keys, and other essentials with ease, and without tying up one of your hands. Whether you're looking for a sleek wristlet or a statement piece that matches the latest fashion pulse, Latico Leathers has the answer. From minimalist designs to bold colors & patterns, our wristlets invite you to redefine style, one event at a time. 

Ladies Wallets, Clutches, and Wristlets Made from Full-Grain Leather

Buttery-Soft and Built to Last

At the heart of every Latico Leathers wallet & clutch lies unparalleled leather quality. Made from the finest full-grain leather in the world and subtly dyed using natural, eco-friendly hues, we create accessories that stand the test of time. Each leather wristlet, clutch, and wallet features a unique patina that ages gracefully, meaning you have a durable companion for life. 

Sustainably-Sourced & Artisanally-Crafted

Every piece of leather we use is handpicked, ensuring only the best full-grain selections make the cut. Mindfully sourced as byproducts of the meat & dairy sector, we champion sustainability. Our leather clutches and wallet pieces are hand-stitched by master artisans in South America & India, boasting over 30 years of craftsmanship. We consciously avoid the generic mass-production approach in favor of tradition and quality. With almost 40 years in the leather business, be confident in our assurance: there's no leather of finer caliber available.