Small Details That Set Latico Leathers Apart From Other Bag Brands

With a new year comes a clean slate. While ringing in the new year can come with a pressure to reinvent yourself, a fresh start can also simply mean taking small steps to better yourself every day. Instead of lofty goals that discourage you to give up if you don't execute a task perfectly, try zooming in. Take a look at the activities you do every day to see what small changes you might be able to make to consistently (and realistically) improve your overall quality of life.

For us, our everyday (and most of yours) involves a bag we carry with us everywhere we go. So why not start 2023 with the fresh start of a new leather bag? At Latico Leathers, we take what we do seriously and make sure every small detail in our leather bags is designed with care to help you move through life more smoothly. Whether it's our crossbodies, totes, or other leather goods from Latico, there's a whole lot of goodness packed in.

We break down everything you need to know about Latico Leather's bags and all the features (big and small) that make Latico stand out from any other bag on the internet. New Year's resolutions? Consider them complete as soon as you hit checkout.

Bag Features: Organizer pockets

To kick things off, one of the biggest things that sets Latico apart is our many organizer pockets and details. Take a peek inside almost any Latico bag and you'll find them packed with enough pockets and slots to make sure you know where everything the moment you open your bag. No more digging around in a big black hole! With an assortment of details including open pockets, zip pockets, pen holders and credit card slots, this bag does the hard work of keeping everything together for you.

The Nala shoulder bag and crossbody is a classic leather bag that includes a full size interior organizer. If you're looking for a tote that does it all (and carries it all) the Nala is the perfect fit for you.

Bag features: buttery-soft leather

Photos don't do it justice- when it comes to the leather we craft our bags with, you've got to get it in your hands to understand the hype. Latico uses buttery-soft full grain leather in our handbags and it has quickly become a signature feature. Full grain leather is durable and will last a lifetime, but that's not the only thing we love. Latico bags have a super soft exterior that make picking up your bag an everyday little luxury. With a comfortable touch, our flexible leather is the right combination of sophisticated and functional.

One of our best-selling bags is Bianca, a roomy tote designed with our super soft leather that has hundreds of five-star reviews. Large enough to fit all your essentials (plus extra room for when you need another hand), Bianca is multi-functional, yet chic enough to elevate your entire wardrobe.

BAG FEATURES: Hidden cell phone pocket

If you've ever dug around in your bag in a panic while your phone is ringing, only to finally find it moments before it stops, we feel your frustration. Latico has designed hidden cell phone pockets into most of our handbags so you never have to worry about losing your phone again. Our hidden cell phone pockets are a sleek, understated way to store your phone, yet makes it easily accessible to grab on the go. With a coffee in hand and bag over your shoulder during your commute, getting through the crowds is hectic enough. Tuck your cell phone away for a moment of peace of mind as you're out and about.

The Gabriel crossbody comes with one of Latico's signature hidden cell phone pockets tucked just under the open purse. This way, your phone is always close to you and you can also avoid it being exposed during busy rush hour traffic or the elements when caught in a bad weather.

BAG FEATURES: multiple handles

Going hands-free when carrying a bag isn't just a nice-to-have. For us, it's a necessary option. Latico Leathers is all about versatility and our handbags come with multiple handles and adjustable straps so you can customize the one purse multiple ways for whatever occasion comes up. Our bags include easily grip-able top handles for more formal nights out, as well as detachable crossbody straps for your work day.

The Deja crossbody is one of Latico's versatile bags, coming with leather cut out handles and a removable shoulder strap. With a woven exterior and interior that includes a zip pocket, you'll be carrying the Deja for every event you have planned in 2023.

BAG FEATURES: Hand Woven Exterior

All of Latico Leather's handbags are lovingly hand-crafted by local artisans in South America and India. No detail is left without care and attention, so you can be sure your Latico bag is made with the highest-quality leather. Our leather bags come in multiple different leather textures from bubble leather to woven leathers to macrame exteriors so you can be sure to find a bag that matches your style and attention to detail.

The Noble crossbody is a bag that is a part of our Amano collection, with hand-crafted woven leather for a strikingly luxe finish to stand out from most others. This bag is made with a natural cowhide with a hand-massaged vintage two-tone effort for a structured and stunning effect. Along with its premium exterior, the roomy inside comes with a zippered pocket. Wear it as a clutch, a crossbody or a shoulder bag day or night.

BAG FEATURES: easy access pockets

Fashion meets function in Latico's leather bags. One detail we can't forget to mention is our many pockets we have in all our handbags. Large exterior pockets make for great places to grab and go with items like keys and lipstick. Our signature hidden cell phone pockets make for secure and accessible spots to store your device. And our interior pockets are designed uniquely for every bag, with zippered pockets and open roomy dividers.

The Jagger tote is our best-selling Bianca tote, bedazzled! With a large front exterior pocket, you can slip important items just within hands reach. Including multiple pockets for storage, a hidden phone pocket and a complete interior organizer, the Jagger is the perfect bag for your everyday.


Latico's high-quality, smooth zippers don't stop with our pockets. You can find a top zip entry on some of our leather bags to make sure your essentials stay securely inside. Whether you're commuting on the subway, making a dash for a train or have a sudden stop while driving, it's all too common for your bag to go flying. Our top zippers make sure you don't have to go fumbling for your wallet and chapstick on the dirty ground ever again. Life = improved.

The Janina tote is one of our leather bags that includes a recessed top zip entry. This subtle detail elevates the tote, along with the exterior lace detail and back pocket. High-quality details can make the difference between a leather bag you'll wear for a month versus a lifetime. Choose convenience and style with the Janina tote.

Bag Features: Stud Accents

All of Latico's bags are crafted with the latest fashion in mind. We make sure our bags are stylish enough to stand out with today's fashion, yet classic enough to wear for years to come. Stud detailing is an accent we've brought into our best-sellers and is an edgy look that remains trend-proof. With small studs that spread across the exterior, this eye-catching detail is sure to turn heads.

The Jade crossbody is Latico's first-ever take on the 90's mini bag, with studded detailing on top of our full grain leather. Go boldly into the new year with this small tote that fits everything you need on-the-go.

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