Why Genuine Leather Goods Make for Timeless Holiday Gifts

Gifts that will appeal to everyone on your holiday shopping list are few and far between. But genuine leather goods are a tried-and-true staple that your mom, grandparent, significant other, brother, or boss will all love in equal measure. From leather handbags and wallets to laptop cases, briefs, and travel kits, leather goods are incredibly versatile — there’s a little something to suit every style, personality, and lifestyle.

At Latico Leathers, all of our pieces are crafted from 100% genuine leather and handmade with love by talented artisans throughout South America and India. Our leathers are byproducts of the food industry that would otherwise go to waste, and we never use any dangerous chemicals, oils, or synthetic materials like polyurethane when crafting our bags.

After three decades of working with leather, we've mastered the art of creating unique, heirloom-quality pieces that only ripen with age. We hand-select each hide and use a unique blend of natural dyes to maintain the character and integrity of each leather. From there, we soak and rinse each hide to reveal the natural characteristics and grain of each piece. Next, we tumble dry each piece to carefully soften the exterior and achieve that smooth, buttery-soft finish.

Every Latico handbag, wallet, duffel bag, and heritage backpack is a gift of family tradition, fine craftsmanship, and timeless style. If you’re stumped on what to gift this holiday season, genuine leather goods are always a homerun. Ahead, read up on the many benefits of leather before making your purchase.

Benefits of Leather: It Improves With Age

Unlike fabric or plastic-based faux leather that can fade, rip, or unravel within months, genuine leather goods only improve with age. Like a pair of high-quality jeans, leather slowly wears overtime to suit each individual owner. While leather is tough and long-lasting, it also patinas with age (while of course maintaining its original shape).

Benefits of Leather: It’s Durable

In addition to improving with age, high-quality leather is built to withstand years of wear and tear. Unlike textiles, it’s resistant to dust mites, moths, fungus, water, and dry abrasion. Because of this, investing in leather essentially pays for itself overtime — the cost-per-wear after a decade of daily use is next to nothing. When it comes to mindful consumption, leather is the definition of quality over quantity.

Benefits of Leather: It’s Easy to Care For

While many leather goods come with a set of best practices or care instructions, you can choose to do absolutely nothing to preserve your leather handbag, wallet, or backpack and it will still look great years later. Unlike materials like cotton that require regular washing, drying, and repairing, leather goods are incredibly low-maintenance and well-suited to a busy, on-the-go lifestyle.

Benefits of Leather: It’s Stylish

As far as aesthetics go, leather has been a staple in the fashion industry since its inception. It’s basically the definition of timeless — it will never go out of style, whether you’re sporting a leather jacket, handbag, gloves, briefcase, or backpack. Unlike trendy items like crop tops or animal print, you don’t risk stashing a leather handbag in your closet after six short months of wear.

Benefits of Leather: It Lasts a Lifetime

When you buy a genuine leather handbag, briefcase, or wallet, you’re buying an item that you’ll have for the rest of your life. For this reason, leather goods make for heartfelt, timeless gifts, no matter what you’re celebrating. If you’re ready to invest in a genuine leather handbag, shop a few of our best-selling styles below:

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