5 Reasons Why Our Camila Shoulderbag Is The Perfect Companion For Your Daily Commute

After countless months of attending virtual meetings from our home offices, we are slowly trickling back into work and to school with each passing day. Returning to our former routines means readjusting to our daily commutes, but who says we can’t pick up right where we left off while still having a fresh start? That’s where Camila comes in. Our Camila Shoulderbag is one of the newest additions to the Latico collection, and this gorgeous bag might be the one thing that might make you excited about heading back to the office. Here are five reasons why Camila is the perfect companion for your daily commute:

Camila Goes With Everything

…and when we say everything, we mean everything. Camila is available in both black and cognac, two of the most versatile colors you can have in your wardrobe. The oversized design is chic and graceful, immediately elevating every outfit, from a matching sweat suit to a little black dress. Camila is elegant and transitions seamlessly from casual daywear to a dressy evening out. This bag doesn’t look anything like a traditional work bag or tote bag, so you’ll want to carry it even when you’re not on the work or school grind.

Camila Is The Perfect Size

Raise your hand if half the time when you leave your house in the morning, you know you won’t be getting home until it’s nearly time to go to bed. Don’t worry; our hands are raised, too. The Camila has us covered because it holds everything you need throughout your day. There is plenty of room for your wallet, keys, and all of the obvious essentials, as well as your water bottle, iPad, Kindle, snacks, and whatever else you need. For those of us in big cities commuting on the train, Camila has plenty of room for you to stash your reusable thermos after you finish your morning coffee. As functional as Camila is, this stunning bag is also the perfect complement to any outfit.

Camila Keeps You Organized

If there were three words to describe Camila’s interior, they would be: Pockets, Pockets, Pockets. Camila’s internal design is as flawless as the exterior, and the construction of the interior keeps you organized. What you might notice at first glance are the sleek, zippered compartments on the front and the back of the bag, but when you open it up, that’s where the magic can be found. So well hidden that it’s almost easy to miss is the deep magnetic pocket on the inner side of the bag, which is ideal for things you need to grab quickly, like keys, your phone, or your mask. Then, in the bag’s main compartment, there’s another zippered pouch and several card slots, which are perfect for subway cards or work and school ID badges. With all of these pockets, your items have their own homes, and gone are the days of losing things in the abyss of a large bag.

Camila Keeps Your Things Secure

Since Camila is designed to go everywhere with you, it’s only fitting that it keeps your things safe all day, every day. Camila stands apart from many other oversized bags with a top zipper that keeps everything in your main compartment from spilling out of your bag and keeps dishonest hands out of it if you spend your mornings and evenings crammed into a crowded train. The zippered pockets on the front and back keep things you may need to grab quickly secure, too, as does the internal magnetic pocket closure. Nothing will get in or out of this bag without your permission, that’s for sure.

Camila Is Built To Last

Perhaps the most obvious reason Camila is the best bet for your daily commute is that Camila is a Latico bag, which means it’s a winner by default. Latico uses only the highest quality materials, including 100% genuine leather, handcrafted by artisans in South America and India. Not only is Camila constructed to last, but Latico bags are known for getting better and softer with age. When you invest in a Latico bag like Camila, you are committing to a product that you count on that will work as hard for you as you do at the office every day.

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