"I have never left a review but I loved this bag so much I had to. It is perfect and exactly what I was looking for. It had two extra pockets I didn't even expect. The leather is soft and lovely and smells delightful." - Amy E.


“I decided to spice things up and purchased this bag in the yellow. The bright color is such a fun accessory, I love it.” -Haley P.



“I use this bag to death and it still manages to look brand new!” - Cara F.

Tote Bags


"I literally get compliments wherever I go with this bag. I don’t ever write reviews but had to for this one. Leather is so soft and great quality. Thanks Lainie!” - Madi B.


“I love the amount of hidden pockets and compartments this tote has. I usually just throw all of my stuff into my purse and it ends up becoming a dark hole where everything disappears in. This bag definitely helps me stay organized.” - Leah O.


“The water resistant leather is EVERYTHING! I’m a huge klutz and always stain or damage my nice things. With this bag, I have no worries in the world! I wish all my leather things were like this.” - Joanna W.



"I am so happy with my purchase! Because I travel for work, I always need a bag that can carry my computer as well as my other personal items, and this bag literally feels like it has endless space to do all that! Sturdy and beautiful leather!" - Jill D.


Suburban Tote

"I love big leather Tote and it is now my favorite bag. It has enough compartments for me to put my wallet, comb, umbrella and cell phone.. I can put two Medium bags of Groceries in this bag and no one would know. I catch the commuter train to work and back home 5 days a week, and I look so stylish with this wonderful bag." - RJ



"This tote has become my go to beach bag!!! Compared to most beach bags, this is extremely trendy and high quality. I never have to worry about having too many things because this bag manages to carry it all!" - Helen T.


"I love the cinnamon color that this bag comes in. As a long time customer of Latico I can confidently say that their products are always great and that their customer service will happily help you with any questions/concerns. Thank you Latico!" - Addison Q.



"I love this purse so much that when I unfortunately lost it, I immediately bought a new one. Perfect size, durable, nice leather, fits a lot and looks cute with or without strap. It matches all outfits, great classic look." - Laura M.




“ I commute by train and walk through NYC to get to work everyday so allowing myself to be totally hands free makes traveling so much easier. I love my backpack!” - Paige D.


“This is by far my favorite purchase from Latico. Its multi purpose use is amazing and the style is unlike any other backpack I’ve ever seen.” - Faith K.





“I’ve been a long time fan of Latico products so I was sooo excited when I saw that Free People was selling some of their products. I bought this petite wallet in the yellow color and a, OBSESSED. Great color and an even better price.” - Tess D.



“These colors are amazing. The leather is so soft I could use it as a pillow. Such a great wallet! Never putting down.” - Joey A.



“Perfect for those days when you don’t want to carry a bag or crossbody. Love! Thanks Latico.” - Katie O.


“You can’t go wrong with this one! Perfect for someone who doesn’t carry a lot and wants an amazingly put together leather item!” - Nora P.



"I heard about this company through a friend when I told her I wanted a real leather wallet but didn't want to spend $500+ dollars. She recommended I check out Latico and now I am totally obsessed with all of their products. I use this wallet everyday." - Grace C.

Card Holders and Accessories

Adhesive Card Holder



“One of my favorite purchases from Latico. I hate having to always carry around my wallet, so having this option is great. My student Id, debit card, and credit card all fit perfectly. It’s all I need on a day to day basis.” - Kendall F.


Heritage Fanny Pack

“I never knew how useful this could be until I had one!” - Jake W.


Yosemite Laptop Messenger Bag-Large

"I bought this bag in April 2005 on Bleeker St, Manhattan, and have literally--and I mean literally-- used it every single day since then, for everything I've needed to carry, everywhere I've gone. Originally a messenger bag for expensive restorative dental product special delivery, it's lived in 7 cities in 2 countries, carried daily items as well as served as a weekend bag, carry-on, shopping bag, work bag, etc. It is always on my person, or near it, and the only time it has ever needed mending, it never actually broke, despite my neglecting a tear on the strap for several months. I cannot imagine a more trustworthy product, and as I'm on the market for a new one (not because mine is of no use, mind you, but because I want one with less-worn leather), I'm going to buy two this time around- possibly three or four. I want two colors to match shoes and belts and I want to have them for the rest of my life. That is how much I love this bag. And no, I don't, and never have, worked for Latico. They just have my undying appreciation (and patronage)." - L Peterson


Uptown Travel Kit

"I was prepared to return this kit because I thought it was too large. However, my husband saw me as I placing it in the box for return. He asked to see it, and asked me why I was returning it. I told him why, then he said he loved it, said he loved the fact that it was genuine leather and that he preferred the large kit rather than the medium size traveler's bag I purchased for him four years ago. He's always talking about his new kit and how much he loves it."- Mary W.


Deluxe Travel Bag

"I bought this bag on the recommendation of a co-worker who was a world traveler for Digital Equipment. It's immensely practical with many different pockets of varying size. It's easy to carry with the handle or the strap. The leather is rugged and has served me for 100's of business trips of 5 days or less. It fits easily into the overhead bins. For a man on business travel or a college student that needs something rugged I heartily suggest you get a leather duffel bag.Folded shirts and pants fit properly with pocket room for underwear socks and sundry items."  - Marianne C.